Sawn Timber

The Vudlande Sawmill offers a vast array of sawn timber products; both fresh sawn and kiln-dried per customer requirements.

The sawmill consists of an automated log sorting line, Söderhamn-Eriksson chipper-canter/band-saw sawline, edging line, wet/dry sorting line, kilning complex, two planing lines, and a pressure treatment facility. 

The following is a short list of products produced by the mill:

- Kiln Dried - Sawn Timber

- Kiln Dried - Regularized Timber

- Regularized Timber Battens

- Kiln Dried - Regularized Roofing Battens

- Kiln Dried / Kiln Dried - Regularized Fence Posts

- Specialty Sizes (100x300 / 300x300)

- Profiled Decking

- Profiled Cladding